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Long work days and late night TV are just some of the ways we have lost our natural sleep patterns. And a lack of good sleep is often the cause of an unproductive day. To escape this cycle, you need a change.


Thankfully there’s now a natural way to win back your sleep – SleepRite shotz®.

Trouble getting sleep? Disturbed, delayed, inadequate sleep, making you feel sluggish the next morning? Different individuals may have different situations! SleepRite shotz® can help you relax and fall asleep. Melatonin and the extracts of natural ingredients in SleepRite shotz®, along with Melatonin–a natural component in our body, helps in sound sleep by improving the onset and increasing duration of sleep so you are renewed to take on tomorrow. Its Clinically tested, Safe and Non-habit forming, hence take whenever you wish to get restful sleep!

Product Story

Sleeplessness can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being. Good sleep helps you to take on the day with more energy and determination. SleepRite shotz® helps you to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night and wake-up fresh the next morning.
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Sleep-inducer and decreases anxiety.


Stimulates the brain’s GABA receptor, a neurological gateway for sleep-inducing chemicals.


Plays an important role in body’s natural sleep and regulates the sleep cycle.


Natural amino acid which helps one to relax and sleep.


Has calming effects and helps to improve sleep.

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Amazing amazing product. No words to describe the peaceful sleep I get after consuming this.


Amazon customer

I was suffering from a slip disk in my neck, unable to sleep since more than a week now. I tried all medicines recommended by doctors for sleeping until I finally came across Sleeprite, and nothing else except this worked. It was after a while that I slept for 7 hours straight.


Jaya Jajodia

I’ve been having extremely bad issues with my insomnia lately, because of which I really struggled to fall asleep at night. And this product was extremely helpful and incredibly miraculous in the sense that it delivered everything it promised and more! I cannot stress how useful it has been in terms of helping me sleep naturally and wake up fresh even. This was a super important factor for me, as I’d prefer to have a restful sleep, but also to not to be groggy or sluggish at work the next day. And most importantly, this is made out of completely safe and natural, yet effective ingredients that really provide quality sleep. Highly highly recommend this to anyone looking to have a peaceful, easy and relaxing night of rest. After trying everything natural out there-this is truly the best!

Aarti Sehgal
Hong Kong

Great product. Safe and effective for sleeplessness. Great taste.


It is the best product to get a natural sleep with no fear of getting addicted.

Satkar Singh
Sales Professional

SleepRite shotz offered me a deep sleep followed by a refreshing morning! Now I keep one at my bed side, who knows when I may need the next one. Thank you SleepRite shotz!

Arijit Ghosh
National Manager – Operations

It is a good product. It does its job well. I got sound sleep through the night, and most importantly, woke up fresh.

Happy Amazon Customer

I got this product from the SleepRite promotional events. It’s very helpful in getting a natural sleep. Also, it tastes good. I take it when I have to sleep before my routine time. Usually I would struggle in bed for 1 hour or so. With the help of this product, I drift asleep much earlier. It stands true to its claim where it does not form a habit. Also, I wake up fresh with no grogginess. It’s made with natural ingredients so I don’t have fear of consuming any chemicals for inducing sleep. It’s my go-to product to good sleep!

Happy Amazon Customer

Got sound sleep, what I liked is that I woke up fresh in the morning… felt much more charged and invigorated the next day! Congrats on a great product.

Partha Dutt

Complete sleep with a fresh morning! Awesome product.

Soumi Ghosh

While being an initial sceptical, I was pleasantly surprised about the product actually working overtime (not just one instance). There were no negative effects next morning and it does not taste ‘medicinal’ in any way. While natural sleep is the best form, I will definitely have this available on the days where you need the additional help to catch up on sleep.

Anonymous Amazon Customer

I used to wake up multiple times during the night and as a result, it used to take me almost till noon to feel fully awake. SleepRite shotz® helped me to fall asleep easily and stay asleep throughout the night. Now I wake up feeling refreshed, energetic and can focus clearly on my daily activities.

Pramod N
Advertising Professional, Bangalore

I was having a bad migraine, and so I used to sleep the whole day. To ensure that I was able to correct my sleep cycle & not have a sleepless night, I had SleepRite shotz®, litchi-licious flavour and I had a very good sleep that night. The icing on the cake was its great flavour. Thanks SleepRite shotz®.

Chitira Vazhappully
IT Professional, Bangalore


It works best when you take a shot just before bedtime.
And you will be at your full 100% potential the next morning.
Follow these 3 steps to sleep better and feel renewed tomorrow.




Take SleepRite shotz®


Fall asleep naturally


Wake up feeling refreshed

Here are some tips to get better sleep

Keep a fixed sleep schedule

Stop using electronic devices in the night

Avoid taking naps during the day

Try reading before bedtime

Listen to some relaxing music

Take SleepRite shotz®