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  • Good sleep helps students excel in studies

    Sleep is important for children’s and adolescents’ much-needed growth, both physical and psychological. Adequate, quality sleep in their growing years helps them improve their brain function and overall performance, including academics. While in case of adults, the average sleep requirement is about 6 - 8 hours, for children it goes up to 10 hours each [...]

    Date: 09-06-2020
  • Know how Melatonin regulates your sleep cycle

    The sleep cycle is a natural pattern our body adopts, which ideally involves staying up during day time and sleeping for about 6 to 8 hours at night, for an average adult. However, owing to a fast-paced lifestyle, sedentary nature of jobs and other things taking priority over the sleep pattern in our lives, following [...]

    Date: 28-05-2020
  • Immunize yourself with a good sleep

    Good sleep is vital for a healthy immune system. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused many anxious, sleepless night for many. Amid the lockdown, social distancing and "work from home", we are increasingly spending more time within four walls. Anxiety spurred on by pandemic, seeping into dreams, messing up sleep patterns is a common occurrence. This [...]

    Date: 12-05-2020
  • Having trouble sleeping at night?

    That’s perhaps one of the most common troubles being faced by many of us, irrespective of our age. In today’s modern lifestyle, sleep has become the least of our priorities. Everything is fast-paced, and to catch up with that pace, we tend to compromise on our sleep. Although we tend to accept it as a [...]

    Date: 26-03-2020
  • Don’t let caffeine interrupt your sleep pattern

    Why you need to avoid caffeine, evening onwards, to sleep well Caffeine is a natural stimulant that is present in a variety of products, including tea and coffee. It happens to be one of the most used psychoactive substances from across the world. You could also find it as a food additive in chocolates or [...]

    Date: 23-03-2020
  • Chamomile for sleep

    Sleep, hands down, is extremely essential for our overall well-being. They say that everything you do, you will do better with a good night’s sleep. Therefore, prioritizing good sleep is the best thing you could do for yourself, and that’s perhaps what also determines your self-care. While we cannot stress enough on the importance, but [...]

    Date: 16-03-2020
  • Tips for good sleep for homemakers

    We cannot stress enough on the importance of sleep in our lives. Just like all our primary needs, sleep is something we all need to stay sane and sustain. Unfortunately, of late, more and more people are experiencing sleep issues. Studies indicate that an adult is required to sleep for about 6 - 8 hours [...]

    Date: 03-03-2020
  • Importance of A Good Sleep Position

    We all need to maintain a good body posture, something that helps our back remain in good shape. But the importance of good posture is not limited to the time while we are sitting or standing. It is just as important while we are lying on bed. Sleep Position Matters Each one of us has [...]

    Date: 10-02-2020
  • This Sleep Quotient Tells You If You’re Really Sleeping Well At Night!

    Sleep - A Necessity of Life Sleep is the ultimate need of our everyday lives. We all have the physical need and the psychological urge to get those few hours of sleep each night in order to be able to function the next day. It not only keeps us physically healthy and going, but mentally [...]

    Date: 06-02-2020
  • Know how Valerian Root helps you relax & sleep

    It is estimated that over one-fourth of the world population suffers from sleep-related issues. Also known as insomnia, it makes it difficult to fall and stay asleep. Insomnia also rids an individual from experiencing a deep, restorative sleep that makes him feel refreshed and well-rested as he wakes up. Ironically, while these sleep issues may [...]

    Date: 27-01-2020
  • Things to check before buying natural health products

    Health products largely include vitamins, minerals, herbs, herbal preparations, probiotics as well as some traditional, prescribed medicines. These, at length, form an important and key part of the healthcare industry the world over. However, the focus is now shifting towards ensuring that these products contain much fewer chemicals and artificial preparations, and more of nature’s [...]

    Date: 24-01-2020
  • Tips for better sleeping as you grow old

    There are various health concerns that we begin to experience as ageing sets in; some common, some chronic, some environmental and some hereditary. In fact, it has been observed that more than ninety percent of the elderly suffer from one chronic disease or the other. Issues Associated with Ageing Bone and joint conditions, sensory impairment [...]

    Date: 20-01-2020
  • Are IT Professionals sleep deprived?

    Sleeplessness is becoming a norm of the day in today’s fast paced lifestyle. It is one of the rapidly growing global health concerns, which is being experienced by children and adults alike. There are so many factors that contribute to insufficient sleep, such as stress, diet, inactive lifestyle, an underlying disease among others. Sleeplessness among [...]

    Date: 17-01-2020
  • Calming effects of Passion Flower

    Passion flower refers to the fast growing perennial vine that bears these lovely and exotic bluish white flowers. Acclaimed as the Passiflora species, Passion flower is known to have over 500 different species. It happens to be one of the most admired flowers, owing to its sheer beauty, and the huge medicinal profile it possesses.  [...]

    Date: 10-01-2020
  • Is Sleeplessness obstacle to your sexual life?

    Lack of sleep is now being acknowledged as important determinants of all spheres of a person’s health. This also includes the sexual health, and the imperative ability to reproduce. Getting a good night’s sleep allows your brain and the bodily organ systems to amicably refresh and restore, and also regulate the important hormones in your [...]

    Date: 06-01-2020
  • Is Alcohol, Caffeine & Nicotine taking away your sleep?

    As we find ourselves indulging more and more into a hectic, modern lifestyle, we end up not giving due importance to one of the most primary needs of our lives - Sleep. It forms an indispensable part of our lives which is important from various other aspects, apart from just getting a few hours’ rest [...]

    Date: 23-12-2019
  • Sleeplessness is an invitation to diseases!

    Sleeplessness is increasingly becoming a major lifestyle dilemma being experienced by modern society, making it difficult for people from all age groups to have a sound sleep. It goes without saying that sleep happens to be one of the primary functions performed by our body. Given the fact that an average adult should ideally get [...]

    Date: 19-12-2019
  • Less sleep could equal to more weight

    Weight management is one major reason why it is important for you to have a good night’s sleep, each night. This is because poor and insufficient sleep is strongly and directly associated with weight gain. Thus, those who get adequate sleep are less likely to experience a gradual yet significant weight gain, compared to the [...]

    Date: 13-12-2019
  • Guide to good sleep for sleep deprived BPO worker

    If you have been sleeping against the clock rather frequently, you are likely to be struggling with sleeplessness or sleep deprivation. Also known as shift work sleep disorder (SWD), this problem prevents you from getting the required amount of quality sleep that you should ideally be getting. Coping with shift work is not easy, but [...]

    Date: 11-12-2019
  • Let’s bust myths about sleep

    There are various myths associated with sleep and the lack of it. Sleep is a basic necessity of life, and we all need a few quality hours of shut-eye each night for health, safety, good mood, and optimum performance. Sleeping myths, inadvertently, bring us to believe in things that are not only not true, but [...]

    Date: 05-12-2019
  • Sleeplessness is not a situation, it is a Condition!

    Suffering from a serious lack of sleep? Don’t think of it as a passing situation. If you have been having sleepless nights for a rather long time, it is time you realize that something is wrong, and you need to fix it before it gets too late. What is sleeplessness? Sleeplessness, as the name suggests, [...]

    Date: 02-12-2019
  • Are you getting enough sleep? Self – evaluation

    Sleep is indisputably the ultimate need of our lives. At the end of the day, we all need an adequate amount of sleep, and no day can begin on a good note if you haven’t been sleeping well. Rightfully so, sleep is being recognized as an important health determinant, one that forms an integral component [...]

    Date: 22-11-2019
  • How lack of sleep affects cognitive performance

    Let us understand the right connection between our ability to sleep well and the mental action of acquiring knowledge and improved understanding. Importance of Sleep Sleep is one of the most essential components of our daily life. It is indispensable to good health and as well for overall well being. Studies suggest that most adults [...]

    Date: 19-11-2019
  • Highs and Lows of Sleeplessness

    Sleeplessness is precisely what the name suggests, but results in much more health hazards than you could possibly imagine. It actually refers to the inability to get sufficient amount of sleep. People suffering from this condition either find it difficult or impossible to stay in sound sleep through the night, or are unable to fall [...]

    Date: 15-11-2019
  • Stages of Sleep

    Sleep happens to be the ultimate need of our everyday lives and one of the major primary functions performed by our body. This naturally recurring state is characterized by altered consciousness, a relatively reduced sensory, motor and muscle activity and much reduced interactions with the surroundings. A good night’s sleep ensures that a good day [...]

    Date: 14-11-2019
  • Stress could keep you up all night and low all day!

    Stress is believed to be our body’s response to an overwhelming situation, something which seems too difficult to face or come across. It brings along some negative thoughts which leave us tense and uncomfortable, time and again. When someone is unable to cope with everyday situations and tends to remain excessively worried about it, he/ [...]

    Date: 07-11-2019
  • Sleep well to balance your hormones

    Hormones are the chemical messengers in your body, released by the endocrine system for various diverse purposes. Their main role is to help some of the major organs perform their everyday functions. These hormones, once released into the bloodstream, affect various important processes in the body. These include growth and development, mood, metabolism, sexual function, [...]

    Date: 05-11-2019
  • Jet Lag: A cause of disrupted sleep-cycle

     What is Jet Lag? Jet lag disorder or Time Zone Change Syndrome refers to a temporary sleep disorder that usually affects those who rapidly travel across different time zones. The world has twenty-four time zones, one for each hour in the day. When someone travels from one part of the world to another part that’s [...]

    Date: 31-10-2019
  • Sleeplessness and Productivity

    Nothing else better defines Sleeplessness as the term itself does. Also known as insomnia, this condition not only involves an inability to fall asleep; yet a person suffering from this condition really has to struggle in order to fall asleep. And this is no matter how tired he or she may be, physically or mentally. [...]

    Date: 15-10-2019