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We know we haven’t answered all the questions you have in your mind.
That’s why, do read the FAQs to allay your apprehensions and learn more about SleepRite shotz®.

Anybody who seeks to have restful sleep, can consume SleepRite shotz®.

Just before needing sleep or approx. 30 mins before needing sleep. In most cases it acts within 30 mins or even quicker.

Sound Sleep. You wake up fresh next morning, with No grogginess.

You'll feel Renewed, Refreshed and Rejuvenated.

Drink one complete 60 ml bottle of SleepRite shotz®, at a time. In case of any leftovers, it should be discarded immediately and should NOT be preserved.

  • SleepRite shotz® should be consumed only if you are in need of immediate relaxing sleep.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women / lactating mothers. If on chronic medication, it is advisable to consult your doctor before consumption.

If you are under any medication, you should consult your doctor before consuming SleepRite.

  • Recommended to use SleepRite shotz® when needed.
  • SleepRite shotz® corrects your sleep cycle & helps you sleep naturally. Its clinically tested & non-habit forming. Hence, take whenever you wish to have restful sleep.

Bottles should be stored in a cool and dry place, not more than 30° C. Refrigeration is not required.

Whenever you wish to have relaxed sleep, you can consume SleepRite shotz®.

It is Not Recommended to combine SleepRite shotz® with Alcohol or any medicine.

STRICTLY ADVISED NOT to drive or operate machineries and not to be indulged in important work after consumption.


Carefully chosen herbal ingredients help relax your body and align you with your natural sleep cycle.

It helps you to align yourself with your natural sleep cycle.

You'll feel Renewed, Refreshed and Rejuvenated.

SleepRite shotz® comprises of Chamomile, Valerian Root, Melatonin, L Tryptophan and Passion Flower.

SleepRite shotz® has been clinically tested on subjects with acute sleep difficulties. Clinical trials have proven that SleepRite shotz® is safe, non-habit forming and has no side-effects.

  • SleepRite shotz® acts as a supplement and helps the body to fall asleep naturally. Any external disturbance will wake you up, because it is not a sedative.
  • Hence, external sounds or noise like an alarm or baby crying, the doorbell or a neighborhood noise will have the same effect on you as it would have had in your normal sleep.

No. Natural ingredients calm the brain, reduces anxiety or mild pain and gives a restful sleep. You will wake up fresh the next day morning.

There is/are no proven side-effects with ingredients in SleepRite shotz®. The product is clinically tested.

It is Strictly Not Recommended to combine SleepRite shotz® with Alcohol or any medicine.

Both our variants, Berry Fusion & Litchi-licious have 'No Added Sugar'. The sugar present is in natural occurring form.

  • On one shot of SleepRite shotz®, you consume calories approx. 1/5th of a medium-sized apple.
  • SleepRite shotz® Berry Fusion contains – 19 kcal
  • SleepRite shotz® Litchi-licious contains – 19 kcal
  • SleepRite shotz® is meant to induce sleep. Hence, do not drive or operate heavy machineries post consumption.
  • Post consumption, do not indulge in any work which requires focus & concentration.


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