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Things to check before buying natural health products

Health products largely include vitamins, minerals, herbs, herbal preparations, probiotics as well as some traditional, prescribed medicines. These, at length, form an important and key part of the healthcare industry the world over. However, the focus is now shifting towards ensuring that these products contain much fewer chemicals and artificial preparations, and more of nature’s derivatives. Hence, what’s making news these days are – ‘Natural Health Products’?

Natural Health Products 

These health products are prepared using some naturally occurring substances that help in restoring and maintaining good health. They are often equipped with herbs and plant extracts, but can also be prepared from microorganisms, animals and marine sources. Some common natural health products include vitamins and minerals (such as Multivitamins, B Vitamins, and Vitamin D supplement, etc.), botanicals (herbs and plant products, such as curcumin obtained from the plant Curcuma Longa), Cyanobacteria ( which includes spirulina, one of the most potent health supplements, ever), and substances that come from natural sources (such as omega-3 fatty acids).

History of Health Products

People have been using active ingredients found in natural health products for centuries altogether, in order to maintain optimum health and treat illnesses. In fact, Ayurveda and the Chinese System of Medication still continue to celebrate their immense health benefits. Interestingly, some of the ingredients found in NHPs have laid the foundation for some of today’s common medicines. For example, people have been taking Chamomile tea as a relaxing and rejuvenating remedy, and now the Pharmaceutical companies have considerably researched and identified Chamomile with having potent sleep-inducing and anxiety decreasing properties.

Benefits of Health Products

These natural health products are equipped to offer a host of health benefits. They can prevent illness, cure infections, relieve fever, heal wounds, treat constipation, ease pain, and act as relaxants or stimulants. In fact, studies suggest that some of the herb and plant-based products exhibit a similar effect as their commercial, conventional counterparts. Only, they are more healthy, natural and safe.

These products, along with (or without) medications, are aimed at addressing various health issues ranging from mild to severe and tend to improve the overall quality of our life. They give us energy and make us healthier, vibrant and energetic. These products also make up for some nutritional deficiencies we may be having. Additionally, these health products come as supplements in various forms, such as a tablet, capsule, pill or liquid syrup. These products principally supplement our diet, and cannot, therefore, be a substitute for food.

Checking Authenticity

However, as beneficial they may seem, you may often need to make sure to do some checks to ensure the authenticity of these products, before using one. Some parameters include –

  • You may verify if the label says ‘FSSAI APPROVED’. This ensures that the ingredients as well as the manufacturing process of the product are safe from the health point of view.
  • Do a little research about the product on the Internet, and see what the clinical studies conducted on the product have to say about its effectiveness.
  • The product should be easily available at the leading pharmacy stores, and similarly, on the Internet for purchase.
  • You must consult with your doctor or any medical practitioner who has recommended this product to you, about the dosage / recommended usage. Also, make sure to discuss your medical history and current health conditions with him, so as to alleviate any chances of this product interfering with your health condition. Pregnant women and lactating mothers would have to especially take care of this.
  • The recommended product should be non- habit forming. These products are only aimed to supplement our diet, and not become an integral part of it. Therefore, make sure to consult the seller or the doctor whether the product is non-habit forming or not.
  • Since these products are all natural, they should not contain any added sugar. Added sugar takes away all the goodness. And in case it must be fairly sweet, it should only contain natural sugar.
  • The packaging of the product is also supposed to mention its nutritional facts, such as the amount of calories, carbohydrates, etc.
  • When the product contains natural and safe ingredients, it would be more efficiently safe and with little or no side effects.
  • The recommended usage is mentioned making the health product all the more accessible and viable.
  • And generally reasonable information should be shared with the user which is preferably based on some clinical study conducted on the product.

Safety Concerns Surrounding Health Products

Owing to all-natural ingredients, these products are effective, economical and more or less safe for consumption in the long run. However, while something may suit one person, the same may not completely suit the other owing to different health conditions and other circumstances. It is, therefore, recommended that either you consult your physician as to whether the product is good for you, and take advice on the dosage; or for the OTC product, please be sure that most of the parameters abide by the authenticity of the natural health product in hand.

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Author: Dr Sonica Krishan

Dr Sonica Krishan is Author and Speaker in the areas of Healthy and Joyous Living through
Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga and other Contemplative practices. She is a leading Ayurveda
Professional in India. She is also Health Writer, Columnist, Editor, Ayurveda Consultant and
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Date: 24-01-2020